Pretty With Purpose Incorporated was founded January 12, 2018 by Ayanna Whitebear, currently a paralegal at a Criminal and Civil Law Firm. Pretty With Purpose is a mentoring and leadership program made to impact young ladies mentally, spiritually and physically. We cover every aspect of a girl’s life from teaching young ladies to embrace their self-confidence, walking with their heads held high, valuing high morals and ethical standards, showing them how to be modest and always act with class. We are also here to help prepare them for college and beyond, by providing tutoring and the skills needed to apply for grants and scholarships, interviewing techniques and most importantly teaching financial responsibility with showing them the importance of how their decisions today affects their lives tomorrow. Another aspect of this program is showing them that  health and fitness is a vital aspect of their life that must to be taken care of. We also make sure our Pretty with Purpose mentees have the opportunities to engage in community service which enables students to acquire life skills and knowledge, as well as provides a service to those who needs it the most.  PWP is here to help young ladies pursue their passion and fulfill their purpose. The mentors are there to be a role model and an impact upon these girls lives. They are there to help them stay on track with their goals upon entering the program. PWP help provide single moms with the resources needed to be the best mom they can be and still achieve their goals and having the ambition with giving them the support that is needed.  We provide scholarships for those who qualify. PWP is a life changing and phenomenal experience that every young lady will benefit from. 



My name is Ayanna Whitebear and I am the founder of Pretty With Purpose Incorporated. God instilled a vision in me through the situations that have occurred throughout my life. I realized the circumstances that I have experienced were greater than me. I became a mother of a beautiful daughter at the age of 16 years old. I am the oldest of total 9 brothers and sisters. While growing up I lived in a divided home with having step parents. While experiencing difficult times, with God leading me through the right direction I have overcome my toughest battles. Pretty With Purpose has been very inspiring to be able to give back to the youth and help them become leaders and professionals with helping them from making the same mistakes that I did and/or going about it a better way. Guiding them to make better choices in life and informing them with the resources that I wish I would have had. I am excited on the future endeavors of this program and ready to see a change in this next generation, therefore it starts with US. 




My name is Kenya Nelson, a Licensed Masters Social Worker and blogger for Social Work on the Go. A few fun facts: I love to read, I’m an introvert, I have a life goal of making a difference and giving back on a local, national, and international level (hence the birth of Social Work on the Go). I am super excited about what’s in store and glad to be apart of the impact that Pretty With Purpose will have on sooo many young girls!



Courtney Black is a native of the Dallas area. Mother of one daughter. Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner for a local hospital. Recently, she obtained her Doctorate of Nursing Practice. She loves to travel and meet new people. She hopes to make a difference in young ladies’ lives. 



Coach Rika Banks born and raised in Dallas, TX. Overcoming the obstacles of having a drug addicted mother, absentee father, teenage motherhood, and domestic violence has given me a greater outlook on life. I am determined to help others love themselves, as God has loved us, walk in to our royal inheritance to Live Royally. I am a life coach, speaker, author, CEO and founder of Royal Transformations. My purpose and passion in life is to help others live pass their past and ensure a greater future by helping them learn the tools God has given us to live royally.



Monica served as a WhiteHouse All-Star Ambassador for the White House Initiative on HBCU’s . She was the FCA president and Women’s Basketball Captain  at her school. She graduated  Magna Cum Laude with a  degree in Social Work from Texas College in May of 2018 . She then went on a basketball tour  and  played overseas in Italy where she was able to play in Rome,Venice,Milan, and Florence. She loves giving back to the community. She did basketball camps with a John Hopkins  and  worked in Arizona for two weeks with the White Mountain Apache Tribes. She is also 

Dallas Mavericks Basketball Academy Coach. She is a Blogger  at monicasmotivationalminutes.com. She is a motivational speaker, empowerment speaker, and loves empowering others to exceed their full potential. She loves God and has a heart for people. She is also the founder of Endless Potential which is an empowerment nonprofit which specializes in leadership forums, speaking events, juvenile detention centers, and character training . Their goal is to inspire others in every realm that they have endless potential. They promote college advancement and speak life into the hopeless by impacting lives to dream bigger and achieve greater. They continue growing the movement of leaders to be the change that they want to see in the world. 



Qouren Whitebear, The founder of Youth and Beyond was born in Kansas City, MO but was raised in Dallas, TX. She recently graduated with an Executive Master's in Business Administration, at Texas Woman’s University. While being in school most of her life,  this inspired her journey to teach youth about Social Media Safety because there is a lack of information and education about this topic. As the Treasurer for Pretty With Purpose, it allows the financial budgeting for PWP to create a plan and ensures that there will be enough money for the activities and events that are needed and most of all important for the girls.