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Pretty With Purpose is a mentoring and leadership program designed for young ladies ages 12-19. Embracing their self-confidence with loving themselves first. Valuing feminisms and empowering sisterhood. Provides spiritual guidance and practicing purity. Teaching them leadership and professionalism. Discovering their gift and fulfilling their purpose. 



 Pretty With Purpose vision is to help young ladies find their gift in life with guiding them to fulfil their purpose. Encourage young ladies  to have ambition and stay on track with their goals. Teaching them leadership and professionalism. Embrace their confidence and blossoming them into their full potential. Performing high morals and ethical standards as young classy young ladies.  


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Your financial contribution to our girls will greatly help us to continue impacting our future leaders! 

We greatly appreciate all monetary and in-kind donations as well because gratefully there are more than one to way help improve this phenomenal program. 

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